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Leave this blank if the location is not important
List what is provided to clients focusing on the major income producing items first.
Deadline for new applicants. The listing will end automatically after this date.
This is used to calculate the valuation multiple in relation to the asking price.
Also detail the revenue for the last 3 years explaining how it is comprised, e.g. trail & review fields, management fees, or brokerage fees. It is recommended that you also provide the YTD income.
List the number of clients under segments. List under value bands or Funds under Management (FUM) of different services provided. Include the average age of clients. You can also provide general comments of major income producing clients. High Net Worth clients are in big demand. PROTECT CLIENT PRIVACY. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS OF CLIENTS ON LISTING.
It is beneficial to specify the platform/software used e.g. XPlan, Coin, Midwinter etc. as an indicator of ease of migration. If not applicable put “N/A” in field.

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