How It Works

How it Works

Welcome to the online marketplace of client books and parcels of fees. To find out more about how to buy or sell your client book please select the relevant option below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Book of Business?
A Book of Business is the collection of clients that a business has. Other terms for a Book of Business include Client Book, Client List, Client Parcel, Trail Book and Client Accounts.

What is the difference between buying a Book of Business and a regular Business?
Buying a Book of Business gives the purchaser the Servicing Rights to the Clients of the business. It does not involve the transfer of other assets such as business names, employees or office premises.

How do I know that the clients would transfer to me when buying a Book of Business?
A Business Book generally has several categories of clients based on the income they bring to the business. The contract between the vendor and purchaser usually contains a claw back. A portion of the purchase price is held in trust (e.g. 10%) and is adjusted depending on the number of clients that transfer after a certain period of time (e.g. 1 year). Warm introductions are usually a good way to ensure a smooth transfer of regularly serviced clients between the vendor and the purchaser.

What is the role of BuyMyClients?
We connect buyers and sellers of clients by providing an online marketplace for books of business. It is the place where vendors can list and buyers can get notified of what is on offer. We provide tools to make finding a buyer or your next book easier and more efficient through our refined search system, specific alerts and confidential secure messaging platform. BuyMyClients does not get involved in the sale process.

Where can I find help with contracts and other legal issues?
BuyMyClients can refer you to external lawyers who are experienced in this field and are very reasonably priced.

How much does it cost?
Registrations and standard listings are currently free.

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